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woof woof
By Ilona
Jun 06, 2017

By Ilona
May 27, 2015
Just so!

CE 2014
By Ilona
May 29, 2014
The countdown for the Champion Era is running! Starting on the 1st of June, at 12 (noon) GMT, our biggest event will take place on Earth 6. We'll see the best of the best, in the most challenging server ever!
10 members fight for the supremacy and only the alliance with 10 Relics will win and deserve the »Best alliance 2014« title. Admin Joe and Admin Ilona will both admin the world simultaneously.No special requirements, everybody can participate!
The rules are:
• 1 tick / hour
• 10-man alliances
• No time limit, era continues until one alliance holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks
• The normal rules of our ToS still apply.
• Prizes:
A trophy for every player in winning alliance + 10.000 Blue tokens
5.000 Blue tokens for every player in 2nd alliance.
3.000 Blue tokens for every player in 3rd alliance.
A special goodie is awaiting you on our Facebook community page

Hit like and share on the Championship picture and click the link in the post to get some blue tokens for free!
See you on Earth 6 !

Mars 1 has restarted!
By Mike
Jan 08, 2014
Join now and fight for supremacy!